Thirsty Water Earrings

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Water is like a magic ingredient. Without question, water is major when it comes to electrolyte balance, transporting oxygen and nutrients, weightloss, improving the quality of skin, eyes, hair and much more!

These beautiful earrings serves as a reminder whispering by your ears to drink adequate amounts of water daily. It also makes for a unique, fun gifting experience. For this reason, this item comes gift-ready with no additional charge, making it convenient for you to gift yourself or someone else. 


Care Tips for Your New Earrings:

- excessive moisture may ruin earrings so keep dry 


Approximate dimensions : Large

- drop length - 2.5 inches 

- width - 0.75 inches

- necklace length - 11 inches


Approximate dimensions : Small

- drop length - 2 inches 

- width - 0.60 inches


Approximate dimension: Necklace

- cord diameter: 2 mm

- length: 45cm