Real Candy Cane Earrings - Blue

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These earrings are made using real candy canes, love, and lots of singing. It serves as a little reminder to opt for healthier food options. It also makes for a unique, fun gifting experience.


Each piece is made using skin-friendly, sterilized materials. The candy canes are preserved in a protective enclosing for a beautiful, aesthetic finish and protection. Like your very own fingerprint, each piece is special! The color, pattern, size, and shape of each candy cane will be slightly differently when you receive yours because real candy canes were used.


Something unique as this requires special packaging. This item comes gift-ready with no additional charge, making it convenient for you to gift yourself or someone else. 


Care Tips for Your New Earrings:

- excessive moisture may ruin earrings so keep dry 

- excessive sunlight over time may change color of earrings


Approximate dimensions : Large

- drop length: 2.5 inches 

- width: 2 inches


Approximate dimensions : Small

- drop length: 2 inches 

- width: 1.5 inches


Approximate dimension: Necklace

- cord diameter: 2 mm

- length: 45cm